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Fitness Center  - All members 16+ and older are entitled to a free Fitness Center orientation with one of our certified personal trainers. The orientation includes instruction on using the machines safely and effectively and advice on developing a productive exercise plan. If you are new to the YMCA or lack experience with the equipment be sure to see one of our trainers to make an appointment. Members 12- 16 years old must make arrangements for a Teen orientation 

The YMCA Fitness Center features

  • 14 piece Life Fitness circuit machines
  • Treadmills
  • Cross-trainers
  • Stair-steppers
  • Rowing machine
  • Spin Bikes
  • Recumbent and upright bikes
  • Dumbbells that range from 3 to 150 pounds
  • Adjustable benches
  • Smith machine
  • Leg and bench presses
  • Preacher curl bench
  • Full multi-functional pulley station
  • Medicine balls
  • Stability balls
  • Rubber tubing and foam rollers
  • Heavy bag
  • a PRO All Body Exerciser
  • Arm ergometer.

There is always a Fitness staff person on duty, who can address any of your concerns and who can recommend new exercises to add to your workout

For information on Personal Training programs click here


Does the fitness center require a reservation?
Yes, at this time, in order to guarantee you usage of the fitness center you will be required to have a reservation.

When can I reserve a spot to use the fitness center?
You will be able to reserve a time in the fitness center 1 week in advance. Reservations are made on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis.

When I click FIND ME, nothing happens. What should I do?
Clear your browsing history and then try again. The members first and last name should exactly match the way it is set up on your account profile at the Y.  If that does not work, please call your branch for assistance with creating a reservation.

Does the reservation system close at any particular time?
Reservations will close one hour prior to start time. After this time, members will no longer be able to make reservations.

What is the duration of each reservation?
Reservations will be for 45 minutes. At the end of your time slot, the fitness floor staff will clear all members from the fitness floor to clean and sanitize before the next group arrives.

How will I know if my spot is reserved?
You will receive an e-mail confirming your reservation. You can also log back into the reservation system and click on the my appointment tab to see your future reservations.

Is there a limit as to how many reservations I can make for a day?
We are limiting members to one reservation per day.

Do I need a mask?
As per NY State mandate masks are required when using the fitness center. Acceptable face coverings include, but are not limited to, cloth-based face coverings and disposable masks appropriate for exercise that cover both the mouth and nose. Bandanas, buffs, and gaiters are not acceptable face coverings for use in gyms and fitness centers.

Can I reserve spots for someone else (husband, friend, sibling, child, etc)?
Each login has the capability to make only ONE reservation per day.

What if I am having trouble reserving a spot?
Please call our membership desk at 845 358 0245 for assistance with accessing your account.

What if I need to cancel my reservation?
If you need to cancel, please do so as soon as possible to allow other members the opportunity to attend the class. To cancel a reservation, sign into our appointment reservation system on the website, click on My Appointments and select Cancel next to the reservation you would like to cancel. You can only cancel online up to 3 hours prior to the start time.  If it is within the 3 hours, please call our membership desk to cancel your spot.

Is there a penalty for making a reservation and not showing up?
We are hopeful that members will be respectful of the need to make reservations. However, should we notice a member abusing the system, we may see the need to have a discussion with him or her. These incidences will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

What if I'm a little late for my appointment?
Please be on time for your reservation or your spot may be given away.

If there are spots available but I don’t have a reservation for one, can I still attend?
Yes! You are welcome to reserve time if there is availability. If all of the reservation spots are reserved and you don’t have a reservation, you will not be able to enter the fitness center.

What if my membership is expired or not current?
You must be an active member of our association to reserve a spot, any expired membership, non-member or nationwide member who makes an appointment will need to take a new active membership with the Rockland County YMCA to use the facility. 

For more information contact:

 Philip Donnelly, Vice President Of Health & Fitness 845 643 3062

Dudley Alcidas , Fitness and Wellness Coordinator 845 643 3051