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AARP® Medicare Supplement Plan Insusred by UnitedHealthcare



For Prospective Members:

Rockland County YMCA will accept AARP® Medicare Supplement Plan Insusred by UnitedHealthcare. As a perk of your Medicare Advantage Plan insured by United Healthcare , Eligible seniors will have any and all enrollment fees waived and pay 50% of the monthly membership dues that would normally be charged to the member. This gives you access to most YMCA program- additional fees apply for swim lesson, special cycling class, ballet etc.


 To participate:

  1. Insured person must go to the AARP® Medicare Supplement Pans insurred by UnitedHealthcare website, confirm your enrollment in the program – then generate and print your confirmation ID letter. AARP Medicare Supplement Program members can also call 1 800-523-5800 to have their Confirmation ID letter mailed.


  1. Bring that confirmation ID and a complete YMCA Membership application to the YMCA membership desk and they will start the enrollment process. You will need to present the insurance confirmation, photo ID, and complete a YMCA registration form


  1. We will verify your eligibility with United Healthcare, run a background check, process your YMCA membership, have your photo taken and issue you YMCA ID tag. 


If you have questions about AARP® Medicare Supplement Plan Insusred by UnitedHealthcare, please call the toll-free Customer Service number printed on the back of your member ID card.

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