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Since its founding in Nyack in 1888, The Rockland County YMCA has been devoted to its mission: to welcome all people to programs that enhance their health and well-being, strengthen their personal and family relationships and enrich their spirits, minds and bodies

Our beautiful building in Nyack was built in 1927. 


We believe that to bring about meaningful change in individuals and communities, we must be focused and accountable. At the Y, we measure the success of our cause by how well we engage communities in our three areas of focus.


To fulfill our mission, the Rockland County YMCA:
  • Serves People of all Ages, Faiths, Races and Abilities Regardless of Financial Condition

We serve more than 6000 people throughout Rockland County.  The YMCA provides scholarships for memberships, programs and other community services.  The YMCA is open to everyone and brings together people of all incomes, ages, races, faiths and abilities.

  • Is Family-Oriented and Committed to Health Enhancement

Children and their families find a wide range of activities at the "Y", including child care, swimming lessons, summer day camp, youth sports, dance classes, Youth and Government, Family Recreation Nights, and community service projects.  The values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility are woven into every "Y" activity. 

  • Leads Rockland County in Quality Child Care

The YMCA is one of Rockland County's largest child care organization, providing quality and affordable preschool child care in three sites and after school child care programs in twenty sites throughout the county. Our YMCA offers after school child care at 25 elementary schools in North Rockland, Clarkstown, Nyack, Suffern, and South Orangetown school districts.   Each day more than a 1,000 children enjoy these programs in a safe, well supervised and nurturing environment.

  • Depends and Builds on Volunteer Involvement

The YMCA was founded by volunteers and continues to be led and heavily supported by volunteers.  Volunteers play a central role in fulfilling the mission of the YMCA.  From the volunteer Board of Directors and Trustees, who set the overall policies and procedures, to individuals who volunteer a few hours of their time in specific programs, projects or events, their influence is strongly felt throughout the organization. 

  • Works to Improve our Community by Providing Needed Social Services

The Rockland County YMCA works in partnerships with schools, churches, community organizations such as the United Way of Rockland County and the County of Rockland to provide community programs and services that are needed but not provided adequately by the private sector or government.  Examples of such programs are day and after school care, senior activities, teen programs and our day care program at the Rockland County Family Court.

  • Provides Recreational and Community Service Facilities for the Surrounding Community to Enjoy

The YMCA has programs throughout Rockland County.  Our beautiful flagship building in Nyack offers a full YMCA facility complete with swimming pool, and spa, gymnasium, fitness center, exercise/dance studio, child care, Teen center and many fitness and health programs.

In Suffern we have the Y Beginnings toddler/preschool program and a vibrant Suffern Dance & Activity program.

Our North Rockland Program offers a before and after school program in the North Rockland Schools, beautiful summer camp in Pomona ,NY and family activities throughout the year.



Since its founding in Nyack in 1888, the early directors of the Y secured their legacy in stone and steel with the construction of the organization’s headquarters on the corner of Remsen Street and South Broadway.  The acquisition of the land for the structure was made possible by a donation from Leroy Forest and over half of the $280,000 building fund was provided by Edwin Gould.  Celebrated architects M.L and H.G Emery of New York designed this imposing edifice that would look like a medieval castle if you added a turret and a few parapets.

This building was built in 1927 

Even though the facade of the building is relatively unchanged, the organization has expanded to meet the shifting needs of the community. We are most importantly, organized as the Rockland County YMCA, the organization has over 5000 members and serves 1200 children a day at many locations throughout the County.


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