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Group Fitness Classes - Nyack

The Y offers a wide variety of Group Exercise classes which are free with membership

 Our beautiful Dance Studio is the location of most group fitness classes - click here for a current class schedule



Class Descriptions

ADULT ELEMENTARY BALLET - extra fee applies, please ask for details. Students will learn the fundamentals of ballet in a fun and supportive atmosphere. This mixed-level class is sensitive to the skill and abilities of the students. 


BOOT CAMP - Get a total-body workout, using dumbbells, bands, steps, stability balls, BOSU and medicine balls. This class will challenge your strength and endurance at the same time while incinerating the calories!! This class will help you take your body to places it’s never been!


CARDIO-SCULPT FUSION - Experience the perfect balance between aerobic conditioning and body shaping. Burn calories to a heart-pumping fitness beat and sculpt, strengthen and lengthen, concentrating on all the major muscle groups using free weights and fitness tools.  Go at your own pace, have fun, get strong, 


ENHANCE FITNESS-   Enhance®Fitness, an evidence-based group exercise program for older adults that uses simple, easy-to-learn movements that motivate individuals (particularly those with arthritis) to stay active throughout their life.


INDOOR CYCLING- a fun fantastic workout where you ride to the rhythm of powerful music. An indoor cycling class set to exciting music tracks and choreographed to provide an excellent workout and improve cardiovascular conditioning.


MEDITATION- Join us in learning the practice of mindfulness or "vipassana" meditation in order to quiet the mind and body, and build the awareness that allows you to be simply present in the moment.


MOVEMENT & MUSCLE- This class provides a full body work-out. With fun, easy to follow routines. The weight training portion of the class emphasizes proper techniques with a variation of dumbbells and exercise bands, everything can be adapted for all levels of fitness


PILATES - Focus on conditioning the body from the inside out. Learn the importance of core stabilization, muscle balance, proper alignment, strength and flexibility while integrating the concepts of mindfulness, fluidity and grace.  


SILVER SNEAKERS® CLASSIC - This class utilizes a combination of chair movements and strength training with very low intensity. Perfect for older adults looking to build their strength and maintain joint mobility. 


SPORTS CONDITIONING - This high intensity, advanced workout focuses on plyometrics, core stability and strength, and cardiovascular endurance.

Participants will be challenged to move and sculpt their bodies in both new and functional ways with a direct relationship to peak athletic performance.


TAI CHI - Tai Chi movement is a combination of Qi Gong exercises and slow motion meditative exercises.  These movements can be performed while standing, or for people with limited mobility or health reasons, can be done seated. Practicing Tai Chi movements can improve a body’s immune system, flexibility, balance and strength. 


YOGA - Develop strength and flexibility through stretching postures, breathing techniques, and meditation.

  • Hatha Yoga is the Branch of Yoga that focuses on the physical well-being of a person and believes that the body is the vehicle of the spirit.
  • Kripalu Yoga puts great emphasis on Proper Breath, alignment, coordination of breath and movement, and "honoring the wisdom of the body"

ZUMBA - Tone and sculpt your body in this party-like atmosphere, featuring a fusion of Latin and international music, where you'll learn aerobic routines that combine fast and slow movements.


ZUMBA STEP - The Zumba Step program combines the cardio benefits of the Zumba fitness-party fun you love with toning and strengthening for your legs and glutes by using a step. It's easy to do, effective and totally exhilarating!




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