Rockland County YMCA

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The Rockland County YMCA Fitness Department helps people of all ages and abilities to develop health in spirit, mind and body is at the core of the YMCA movement. Our programs are designed to help people create realistic goals for self-improvement through regular exercise, proper nutrition, stress management and health education. Participation in our fitness programs means opportunities for friendships, a sense of well-being, self-confidence, and improved mental abilities and cognition — plus the benefits of healthy hearts, lungs, bones and muscles.

There are many ways to get involved – including group exercise classes, working out in the Fitness Center or F working with a personal trainer individually or in small groups. Choose from several supportive programs to help you on your journey towards better health.

Fitness Center  - All members sixteen years old and older* are entitled to a free Fitness Center orientation with one of our certified personal trainers.  The orientation includes instruction on using the machines safely and effectively and advice on developing a productive exercise plan.  If you are new to the YMCA or lack experience with the equipment be sure to see one of our trainers to make an appointment. *Members 12- 16 years old must make arrangements for a special Teen orientation. Click here for more information on our fitness center.

Gymnasium - The Nyack YMCA has a 40 by 70 foot gymnasium equipped with markings and equipment for basketball, handball, volleyball, dodgeball, and badminton.  Use of the gym is free to members.  Please see the gym schedule for programs and open-use hours for individuals and family time. Click here for a gym schedule


Private or Semi Private Personal Fitness Training - Members and General Public (Age 12 and up) - Certified personal trainers are available to design and instruct you through an exercise program to suit your individual goals and needs.  Each session is about one hour.  Sessions must be used within six months after purchase and are not refundable.  Click here for a flyer


Group Fitness - we offer a wide variety of group fitness classes - click here for more information