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Kidsafe Youth Karate


The Rockland County YMCA is proud to host the KIDSAFE Self-defense/Karate Program for kids ages 5 to 15

 For over two decades Kidsafe has offered students from every socio-economic background the opportunity to take part in our programs all throughout the Tri-State Area.

Having instructed thousands of children throughout the years, Kidsafe doesn’t take it’s responsibilities to the communities in which we serve lightly


their Core Principles:

Teaching children the core values of safety awareness, defend defense, and character development is rewarding in a way that few professions can appreciate.  Since the company’s inception, this has been the guiding principle for every Kidsafe instructor that instructs our programs   Oftentimes it is difficult to convey the pride felt for students who walk away from the program feeling a sense of

self-accomplishment and personal growth. The greatest hopes for the company have always been to reach out to students who may not be provided with the opportunities that the Kidsafe program offers; high-quality classes teaching students the fundamentals of self-defense and personal growth in a safe, active, and positive environment.

 A  black belt instructor teaches techniques for non-aggressive and self-defense purposes only. 

 A YMCA membership is required for participation. 

Click here for a flyer for the summer program which runs July 8th to August 20th

For additional information please call 800-850-0800.

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