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Renew Active™ Insured By UnitedHealthcare®



For Prospective Members:

Effective March 1, 2018 the Rockland County YMCA will accept Renew Active™ insured by UnitedHealthcare®. As a perk of your Medicare Advantage Plan insured by United Healthcare you'll have a FREE standard membership to the Rockland County YMCA. This gives you access to most YMCA program- additional fees apply for swim lesson, special cycling class, ballet etc.


 To participate:

  1. Insured person must go to the Renew Active™ website, confirm your enrollment in the program – then generate and print your confirmation ID letter. 


  1. Bring that confirmation ID to the YMCA membership desk and they will start the enrollment process. You will need to present the insurance confirmation, photo ID, and complete a YMCA membership application form. This FREE YMCA membership does not allow you to participate in the National Membership


  1. We will verify your eligibility with United Healthcare, run a background check, process your YMCA membership, have your photo taken and issue you  YMCA ID tag. 


If you have questions about Renew Active™ please call the toll-free Customer Service number printed on the back of your member ID card.

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