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February Fitness and Wellness Newsletter, Resolution Healthy Eating

Published 02.01.20 5:00 pm

Fitness and Wellness Coordinator


Americans are being bombarded with a plethora of conflicting information from the mainstream media and the internet regarding weight loss and weight management.  My advice to anyone reading this article: remain calm, lose body fat--- not your mind.

Don’t believe the hype:

The media and the rest of the weight loss management industry do not care whether you lose weight or not, so long as you keep reading their magazines on fifteen ways to lose body fat, twenty to thirty ways to have a six-pack Abs, and ten different ways to reduce stress.

Don’t get me wrong…I love anything that helps reduce stress in my life.  But the point I’m trying to make is that the weight loss industry is not in a hurry to help you lose weight---why? There's too much at stake; how much? It is estimated that last year alone, Americans spent $61 billion trying to lose weight.

Diet does not work:

Restrictive eating only leads to resentment, not commitment. In order to lose weight, the best and most effective approach should be modification of eating habits, add more fruits and vegetables, and exercise. Do not forgo your favorite foods. If you are looking to lose weight, start by assessing the foods you are eating and figure out which ones that are high in fat, sugar, and sodium (the biggest nemesis to fat loss). Before buying a food product at the local Supermarket, read the label.


Fat Facts:

Not all fat is bad: healthy "good" fats can actually help with weight management , control your moods, and fight fatigue. I am talking about unsaturated fats; found in avocados, nuts, seeds, soy milk, tofu, and fatty fish. Saturated fats however, as illustrated in the picture above can lead to increasing in fat cells, high cholesterol, heart disease, and high risks for diabetes as well as certain cancers.


Less is better.  Too much sugar leads to high blood sugar and diabetes.


Which is found in high concentration in canned goods and other processed food products, leads to hypertension and heart diseases?

Moreover, weight management does not have to mean starvation or the elimination of certain food groups.  But modification and portion control are key in achieving your ideal body weight.  Lastly, in order to lose weight, caloric expenditure must be well above caloric consumption.

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